Fictional Email Service

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  • Create mailboxes with just the power of thought! Free support for fictional mailboxes you have!
  • The letters are viewed by your invented name, so anyone can read the letters knowing the name.
  • This can be used for convenience in a group of comrades ... Think ... There are many options!
  • Make up and remember any name in the domain @ go here and read!
  • The service allows you to create a fictional mailbox for registering with various services, for instructions on profiles, by phone, etc.
  • For example, when you are on the street, in a store ... and do not want to leave an email, but have the opportunity to receive mail.
  • Unlimited Mailbox Time .
  • Unlimited one-time mailboxes - a new email with one thought!
  • This is not always safe. Everyone will be able to see your mail knowing the name.
  • We are working on a shipping service. A temporary box can become permanent.
  • You can accept emails with attachments. .
  • Letters are displayed instantly!
  • Mail works without registration.
  • Any questions? Suggestions? Write!

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